Monday, May 12, 2008

You are invited

A few more days to go. I’m amazed by all the things I’ve accumulated. Cleaning out a house you've lived in for two years sucks. The party went okay: thirty people in my tiny house at one time with a keg on the porch and gin in the freezer and people throwing shit in the ceiling fans in cool. I guess. I have more friends than I thought I did. The show was awesome. People seemed to like us. Now we take three months off from playing; a great formula for success in rock 'n' roll. Me, Eric, and Rob rode out to Breezeview to climb the infamous Canton Avenue, otherwise known as “The Steepest Street in the World.” You can watch Steve fall climbing the street at this YouTube link: It took me two times; I made it up the second time. I’m pretty happy about that. I leave on Thursday; I’m scared and excited and ready. Tonight might be a good night for the South Oakland pie: a plain Antoon’s pizza, topped with Original fries and ketchup, topped with a Chipolte vegetarian burrito. You’re invited.

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