Saturday, March 21, 2009

Ohhh, Montana.

I've been applying for a lot of teaching jobs all over the state. Amazingly, there seems to be plenty of jobs up for grabs. I've come across of a lot of schools that seem to be anti-union and, vaguely, what I consider "anti-teacher" ("You may not apply for this position if you are currently contracted as a Montana teacher without written permission from your district superintendent."). I've come across applications that more closely resemble an application to scoop ice cream at Dairy Queen than a $35,000-a-year, contracted position as a second grade teacher. Not being native nor a current resident of the state is not helping matters. I assume to them I'm just another eastern kid with big dreams to "discover himself" in a remote place. I am qualified, if not over-qualified, for all of the positions I've applied for. Montana -- with the exception of probably Missoula and Bozeman, both college towns -- is a state that doesn't seem to take kindly to outsiders, transients, and non-natives.

Wish me luck. July is the hopeful departure.