Friday, April 15, 2011

Rocky Mounain Roubaix

The team went down to Frenchtown for Rocky Mountain Roubaix.

Montana rules! Freedom! USA! Nobama! Etc., etc.

Four bikes and eight wheel sets shoved into the back of a van = about $14,000. Yeah, I know ...

The race stayed together until the final climb. I didn't flat! (Seven Flathead guys started, four finished.) I came out of the field at 1K, attacked hard, looked back, nobody. Kept going hard, looked back, again, nobody. I soft pedaled the last 200 meters and took the Cat. 3 win by about 15 seconds. Cool. A lot of snow meant a lot of skiing and that means low bike fitness in April for most. I think? I'll take it. I got $40, covered expenses for the day, and three upgrade points. These are the things Cat. 3 dreams are made of!

Back in the Flathead. Big Sky for sure!

I'm in Walla Walla, Washington, for the Tour of Walla Walla. It's 45 and raining ... trying to get psyched for Stage 1, a 40-mile circuit race in six hours. Tomorrow is a nine-mile time trial (I borrowed an aero helmet, clip-on bars, and a skin suit -- no excuses) and a 40-minute crit. (an 80-man, dead-flat, four-corner 40-minute crit.). Sunday is a 65-mile road race.

My legs feel great. We'll see ...

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