Friday, March 25, 2011

"Biking" vs. Biking

I'm in "deep preparation" for the Tour of Walla Walla. You know, base miles, intervals, hill repeats, lactate threshold time trial efforts, mid-ride chocolate syrup shots disguised as an all-natural, nutritional supplement, frequent naps, compression socks with Crocs, etc., etc. Incredibly enjoyable, but boring bike stuff; the stuff my admittedly lame Cat. 3 dreams are made of. My pal Pete, on the other hand, is getting it right. Pete began pedaling north out of Whitefish last week, plans to be in Fairbanks, Alaska, by early June, and will then hike and ski Mount McKinley. Oh, and then he'll ride from Fairbanks to his parent's house ... in Michigan. Eat your heart out, Danny Chew.

I encourage you to follow Pete's adventures at his Blog, Pedalin' Pete.

"Just a fool with a bicycle dream, with a goal to ride it." A dream so "foolish" his parent's took out a life insurance policy on him ...

More discovery, less bike ...

Also, the Polson Speed Wagon Classic is two weeks away. Most epic race in America? I'd put a dollar amount on that. Check out totally-legit Missoula photographer Tom Robertson's photos from last year's race. So sick; I'm psyched.

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