Sunday, October 4, 2009

Learning lessons ...

The bar is packed. There's a cover band in the back; they're covering "No Apologies" and it's not bad. I get to talking to the sixty-something-year-old couple sitting next to me. They tell me where they're from; I tell them what I do. They buy me a drink. "I think we should dance," the husband eventually tells his wife and she agrees. Now the band is covering Credence; it's a pretty bad cover of a song I've heard covered a million times. "Oh, that's awesome," I tell them, "I've learned the importance of dancing in relationships. I learned that lesson the hard way." "Yeah," the wife tells me excitedly, "and it's also the precursor to sex!" I laugh, not sure how to answer her. "I think I'm still about three steps from that point tonight," I finally tell her. "Not if you get up and dance!" the husband tells me. I thank them for the beer and they go. I finish my beer and head home, to my dog.

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