Friday, July 11, 2008

I "bought" a dog (or I "stole" a dog, I'm not sure ... that's another story)! His name's Cody! He used to wander Kalispell. Now he wanders with me! Who needs a woman; I got myself a man! A hairy-as-hell man! He's sweet and happy as can be; I saved his life -- I got him from a "kill" shelter; his date with "destiny" was less than a week away. Make a friend, save a life. Good deal.

Things up here have been busy. It's peak season -- it's a "Touronville -- Population: You" thing. You'd be amazed -- or maybe you wouldn't -- by how many people come here just to drive a forty-five-mile stretch of highway. You'd also be amazed to know that most of these people are a pain in the ass. "Where can I find a moose in the park?" one asked me today. "Um, do you plan on hiking at all, sir?" "No." "Well, uh, one might cross the road of you're lucky, I guess." Right on, man. When there are this many people in the park it's hard to call it hiking -- it's more like waiting in line to ride a roller coaster. I miss those cold-ass, mid-May days for sure. There was no one here, there was a ton of snow, and there weren't any tourons in RVs asking me where they can find a moose in Glacier National Park like it's a carnival petting zoo with better views and more exotic animals. I haven't been hiking much, as you might be able to tell, so instead I've been shifting my focus back to bikes. It's just short of a six-mile climb out of St. Mary; I've been climbing it daily to be ready for those 'Burgh hills when I return.

Glued-Up has two shows in August: the fourteenth at Howler's and the twentieth at Roboto. I'll be back with ample time for us to warm-up for those shows. So, I guess that means I'll be back on or around August sixth. See you then, Pittsburgh!

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